Chiropractor Schools in Canada

In order to become a licensed chiropractor in Canada, an individual must undergo comprehensive training within an accredited institution and receive a certificate from the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board, or CCEB. The final step involves applying for licensure from the province in which they plan to practice. In Canada, there are two accredited education programs recognized by The Canadian Federation of Chiropractic Regulatory and Educational Accrediting Boards. They are as follows:

Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres, Department of Chiropractic

Located in Quebec, the Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres offers approximately 150 different programs conducted in French for almost 10,000 aspiring chiropractors and other science and health professionals each year. The University prides itself on its commitment to unique, advanced educational elements adapted specifically for Canadians. In-depth classroom coursework prepares the students enrolled in the chiropractic program for hands-on work with patients under the supervision of experienced and licensed instructors.

In addition to offering all of the levels of training a student needs to prepare for chiropractic licensure, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres conducts a variety of pertinent research studies in the area in order to further the advancement of the institution as a whole.

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)

Since September of 1945, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, or CMCC, has made its mark as a veritable pioneer in the chiropractic educational industry. Its adeptly determinate enrollment, experienced and licensed instructors, exclusive funding and continuous commitment to advancement through research, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College retains its status as one of the top chiropractic schools in the country.

Complementing the college’s comprehensive list of educational programs is its full menu of continuing education options, alllowing licensed chiropractic professionals to pursue an advanced future in their field. Conferences, regular seminars and online coursework bring an additional element of edification to the school’s already exceptional program selection. Students are encouraged to explore subjects beneath the depths of traditional studies, including everything from basic anatomy and biochemistry to more advanced topics such as diagnosis of profound, often obscure, medical conditions. CMCC’s extensive training methods culminate in the the achievement of the institution’s ultimate goal: equipping talented, comitted and intelligent men and women with the skills and knowledge they need to best serve the public in a way that improves health, happiness and overall well being on a daily basis.