3 July 2013

Becoming a Naturopathic Doctor

3 July 2013,

Naturopathic Doctor

Becoming a Naturopathic Doctor in Canada

A naturopathic doctor, or an ND, is a highly-trained medical professional who specializes in the treatment of various illnesses and conditions through the use of both standard and natural methods. Naturopathic medicine focuses deeply on the prevention of disease through emphasis on proactive treatments and overall wellness in patients of all ages and medical backgrounds. Before a medical care provider may practice naturopathy in Canada, he or she must complete an extensive educational and training program as well as pass exams through an accredited licensing board. (more…)

14 September 2012

Becoming an Acupuncurist

14 September 2012,

Tapping in acupuncture needle

Becoming a Licensed Acupuncturist in Canada

When administered by properly trained physicians and other health professionals, acupuncture is a widely proven method of treating both physical and mental illness in some patients. It typically serves as a complement to other means, such as physical therapy, medication, exercise and changes to diet. Physicians that practice acupuncture throughout Canada must undergo substantial training and obtain a license before they are allowed to treat patients with these methods.

18 April 2014

YouTube Marketing is Ideal for Natural Healing Therapists

18 April 2014,

People who want to see what natural healing and alternative therapists can do for their patients may be suspicious about some therapists at the start. That is a completely understandable point as some people will want to have proof suggesting that a person who works hard with particular therapies is actually experienced and knows what one wants to get out of the process.

That’s why many therapists will flock to YouTube. They want to create all sorts of videos devoted to highlighting their skills. However, there are so many videos devoted to many natural forms of healing that it can be a real challenge for some therapists to appear online. That’s why it is so important to make the best quality videos. People who make better videos tend to be more visible while prospective patients are more likely to feel comfortable about the services that are being offered to them.

YouTube marketing is important to consider in that YouTube marketing through a firm like http://www.viewsaccelerator.com can help get any therapist to become more visible. It is important to see how this particular solution may work for one’s needs when highlighting the many functions that a business has to work with.

Videos Display Services

One of the most popular reasons why YouTube marketing works for natural health therapists is that it makes it easier for people who practice certain fields to talk about the physical procedures that they will engage in when taking care of their patients. For instance, a video on music therapy can show a room where a patient is being treated. Much of this can entail showing how a person is being treated by allowing that person to learn a new instrument or by using relaxing music to ease a person.

Videos like these are designed to get people to understand why certain therapies work. This is all to show that a particular therapy may be worthwhile.

Meanwhile, a video on massage therapy can highlight the many massage styles that a person can participate in or the steps that come with a particular procedure. Either way, a video like this will highlight the natural processes that come with healing the body. Marketing on YouTube is done to help get certain therapists to show just why their services are as useful as they can be.

Patients will want to know if their professionals are able to take care of them with ease. Much of this entails looking into different YouTube videos to take a closer look at the skills that a particular therapist has and if those skills do add up.

Showcasing an Environment

A marketing plan may also be used to highlight the environment that a therapist works in. Many patients will want to attend services in environments that they feel are appealing and relaxing. For instance, a chiropractic therapist’s office may showcase an environment where there is a relaxing amount of light and a soft look to a place to allow the person’s mind to relax and feel at ease when at a particular office.

The need to highlight the design of an environment is important for therapists as people will be more likely to feel better if they know what a place looks like before going there. The process of showcasing such an environment will certainly be easier to manage through YouTube videos that give people virtual tours of particular spots.

YouTube marketing will be easy for all sorts of different natural healing therapists to use when it is used right. If videos are made to express the many things that can occur in a particular place then it might be easier for a business to benefit in the long run.

16 April 2014

I’m Taking Charge of My Own health. I Take A Fish Oil Supplement Now, I’m Protected from Heart Attacks

16 April 2014,

When you think about it it makes complete sense to take charge of your own health. Your health is yours alone, and your illness is yours as well.

So many people outsource all of their health requirements to their doctor. Carry on with life and if anything goes wrong with your health visit the doctor and get it fixed.

The problem with that approach is that doctors can’t fix everything, in fact many of the nasty diseases in life aren’t really treatable. Like many types of cancer.

If you take charge of your own health then you shouldn’t need to visit the doctor. You should be healthy regardless.

Of course being responsible for your own health isn’t easy

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to make taking charge of your own health sound easy. It takes some work.

For instance there is absolutely no doubt that one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy is to exercise. So many people don’t exercise, and this is opening them up to so many health problems.

I realised years ago that exercise had to become a regular part of my life whether I wanted it to or not. So I made a conscious decision that I would find an exercise regime that I enjoyed and which fitted in with my life, and I would make regular exercise a permanent part of my life.

I’ve done that, I now cycle around 200 kilometres a week.

And there’s more effort required than just taking up exercise. For instance you need to eat properly. Eating a good healthy balanced diet is essential.

And there’s more. For instance I’ve recently started taking a fish oil supplement because there is significant evidence that we are deficient in our intake of the Omega 3 fats and this can increase our risk of a heart attack. I read the information from the American Heart Association and decided it applied to me.

Mind you it was difficult to decide which one to take, finding the best fish oil supplement isn’t easy. (I read this article, and that helped).

And it’s important to keep your mind busy as well

And of course you have to keep yourself mentally and physically challenged to keep your brain active.

I do some online mental challenges every day to keep my brain active. I also try to learn new things regularly, I’m learning a language at the moment and shall be for a long time.

I’m also trying to learn some new skills which will be useful to me. Lately I’ve decided to learn how to sharpen my kitchen knives, they were all blunt. I discovered that sharpening a knife isn’t as easy as you might think, so I bought the best knife sharpener I could find and started learning. I read more about sharpening knives before I bought a sharpener as it’s much more complicated than you would expect.

So if you’d like to stay healthy, rather than just rely on the doctor to fix you up when you get sick, you need to be proactive. Learn about what you need to do to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Once you’ve decided what you need to do make a conscious mental decision to do it every single day of your life.

You won’t regret it. It takes some work but you’ll be healthier (and happier) than most other people.

3 April 2014

The Community Benefits of Recycling

3 April 2014,

Simply put, recycling means the process of converting waste into useful material. The benefit that recycling provides to the environment is common knowledge; but unknown to most, there are other less tangible but long-term gains that recycling offers to communities.

The recycling industry positively affects economic development. According to statistics, the worldwide waste and recycling market is worth a staggering 410 billion US dollars. This estimate comes from businesses that are involved in collecting and processing recyclable materials, as well as distributing recycled ones. In the United States, the industry has created more than 3 million jobs, employing truck drivers, sorters, sales representative, brokers, engineers and chemists. Reports indicate that annual gross revenues have reached more than 200 million dollars. Because these recycling businesses and their employees pay taxes to the government, more funds are added to the public coffers as well.

The demand for jobs related to the environment arises whenever green initiatives are implemented. An example is the need for an environmental officer aboard cruise ships. Such a position was unheard of before. However, because some cruise lines are serious about adhering to high environmental standards, they assign an officer to join in every cruise, to ensure that established standards are complied with. Strict compliance is even more applicable for the European river cruises, which are mandated by governments to keep the rivers free from pollution. To know more about these cruises in Europe, click here.

Recycling provides energy security. It takes significantly less energy to manufacture an item from recyclable materials than to make the same item from raw materials. This gives manufacturing companies savings in terms of energy consumption and costs. It also conserves other resources used in the production process. As a case in point, the recycling of aluminum cans to produce aluminum saves ninety-five percent of the energy expended in manufacturing aluminum from raw sources. Saving on energy now will ensure that future generations will still have sufficient energy resources.

Recycling fosters partnerships between communities, organizations and the government. No recycling initiative will ever succeed without the cooperation of the members of a community. Community involvement increases awareness and knowledge not only on recycling but about the environment as well. This will create a more environmentally-conscious citizenry.

Recycling is but one aspect on caring for the environment. If it is done right, it will do a lot of good for a community and the nation as a whole.

2 April 2014

Rituals To Clear Your Mental Space

2 April 2014,

We’ve all heard of feng shui (pronounced ‘fung shway’). At its heart, feng shui is the Chinese art of creating energetic harmony. Perhaps you’ve been introduced to it as a way of arranging your furniture to foster a feeling of security. For example, you can improve your sleep by positioning your bed in such a way that your head isn’t too close to the window as this will stop chi from escaping. Others suggest that chi can also move more freely if you use an air mattress rather than the more popular foam mattresses.

Indigenous cultures were keenly aware of the energetic fields of the planet and all life forms, including trees, stone, water, animals, plants, and objects. They are also aware of the polarization of energies that result in both positively- and negatively-charged energy fields, as well as different vibratory rates, and the subtle effects these energies can have on us.

You may hear New Agers talking quite a bit about “vibration.” This isn’t some far-out imaginary way of describing experience – it’s scientific. Physics recognizes the principles of magnetism and the existence of energetic fields. Living beings are made up of cells that literally vibrate. Life forms generate energy fields that can be measured. When our understanding of reality expands to include energetic fields, we become more sensitive to our own energy and the energies around us. Heightened sensitivity to energy fields is demonstrated by senior practitioners of energetic healing arts, such as qi gong, tai chai, reiki and shamanic doctors. These metaphysicians literally ‘tune in’ to energetic fields (qi) and manipulate them – clearing out collected pockets of lower vibratory energy so that the energies in a particular region are harmonious and able to move freely.

Indigenous world-views include an understanding of the invisible realm of energy fields and the ability to harmonize the energies present in a particular location. Many healers choose to work in this realm to target disharmonious energies (sometimes referred to as ‘stagnant qi’) because they believe that disharmony within the energy field can result in illness and disease. Disharmonious energy can result from a variety of influences, including:

Painful emotions (anger, depression, fear and sadness);
Material decomposition (garbage bins, dead plants / trees, graveyards); and,
Destructive, habitual thought patterns (self-hate, negative messages).

Realizing that energies can become polarized, and polarization creates conflict, a peaceful home and mind are best achieved by dispelling the polarization and harmonizing the energies. Many practitioners also report success with the use of chi machines and inversion tables to help redress these imbalances.

There are a number of techniques you can use in your own home to clear and harmonize your personal energy field. One of more obvious techniques is the use of sound. Sound has resonant vibration and by making harmonious sounds (ringing bells, gongs, singing bowls, practicing mantras, singing and playing concordant music) you create a resonance within your space which vibrates outward and alters the vibration of the space to match its own. Try purchasing for yourself a singing bowl or meditation bell that you particularly like the tone of. Ring it every evening at dusk, and once a week, carry it through your whole house, allowing its sound to penetrate the entire space. You can actually alter the quality of a home’s atmosphere for the better with this technique. Be mindful: the sounding of discordant music, or the repetitive playing of depressing or angry music will do the opposite. Pay very close attention to your emotions in response to sound: does certain music make you feel happy or heavy? Use sound to attune yourself to the emotional states you want to experience regularly.

30 March 2014

Financing Your Treatments Through Binary Options Trading

30 March 2014,

There was a time when the mainstream scientific community looked down on the practice of alternative therapies. This was because many of the alternative therapies being offered to the public back then were unregulated and were often offered by people who didn’t have significant training. These days, though, things are very much different for the practice of alternative therapies. Many scientific researches have proven the effectiveness of many kinds of therapies, and many organizations have been set up for the purpose of regulating such therapies. Since these things happened, alternative therapy has become something that is viewed by mainstream science as a really great adjunct to conventional medicine.

Unfortunately, even though alternative therapies such as massage therapy and music therapy are much cheaper to avail of compared to conventional medicine, undergoing them on top of conventional treatments can prove too costly for people. And because of this, many people opt to just undergo either conventional treatments or alternative therapies, but never both at the same time.

The good news for most people, though, is that there are now easy ways to gain extra money to be able to afford the best treatments for one’s condition. One of these ways happens to be binary options trading. By working with a great binary options brokerage such as Banc de Binary Ltd, one won’t have to settle for anything less than the best treatment regimen now.

What exactly is binary options trading? Binary options trading is a form of trading that is done by thousands of people from all over the world online. The best part about doing binary options trading online is that it gives people round-the-clock access to so many underlying assets in so many parts of the world. Because of this, people can make amazing trades anytime they want to when they’re dealing with binary options.

Of course, to be able to find success in binary options trading, people need to make sure that they are working with a great binary options brokerage. This is because although there are so many binary options brokerages out there, most of them actually offer subpar services to their clients. Such subpar services limit traders’ potential to earn. Unless one is okay with their earnings being siphoned off by their brokerage, one needs to make it a point to work with a brokerage that actually goes out of its way just to be able to offer amazing services to their clients.

Hopefully, this post of mine will give people great ideas with regard to how they can avail of the most amazing conventional and alternative therapies at the same time. Both kinds of treatments don’t have to oppose each other, and in addition, undergoing both can prove to be affordable for anyone. So long as one takes advantage of the earning potential of binary options trading, one will be able to afford the best treatments for whatever condition they are suffering from. It’s really amazing when you think about it. Gone are the days when most people had to settle for anything less than the best treatments for them.

27 March 2014

Ridding Yourself of the Wedding Jitters with Natural Herbal Remedies

27 March 2014,

So you’ve made the plunge into settling down with your spouse, buying a house and starting a family. Although weddings are typically joyous occasions, there is a certain amount of stress and anxiety that comes with them. Now, of course, there are many ways you can deal with anxiety, whether it is through recreational use, or prescription drugs. However, did you know there are many different herbal remedies that will help out with the anxiety?



L-theanine is an amino acid that can be found in green tea. Recent studies have shown that those whom drank a glass of green tea showed signs of reduced heart rates and blood pressure, which, in turn, reduces the affects of anxiety. So, if you find yourself overwhelmed with anxiety searching for that perfect flower girl dress, pour yourself a glass of green tea, calm your nerves and get back to the search.



Chamomile is another great natural herb that has calming effects on the brain like that of L-theanine. In fact, there are some compounds contained within Chamomile which provides the brain with similar sensations that accompany the use of Valium. One of the great things about Chamomile is it can be taken as a substance, or, enjoyed in a nice cup of tea. Studies taken on patients experiencing anxiety disorder, at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, in Philadelphia, showed that those who had taken Chamomile supplements for 8 weeks experienced impressive decreases with their anxiety symptoms.



Although this ingredient is most known for the role it plays in beer, the same effects are not presented through hops while sipping on a bottle of ale. Hops actually provides a sedative compound which can be extracted into volatile oils and tinctures. If you find yourself up throughout the majority of the night, stressing about certain details in the wedding, a bit of hops will actually promote sleep. Although it is not often seen in teas, a bit of hops can be added to Chamomile or Mint teas and enjoyed for its sleep benefits.

26 March 2014

Benefits of Choosing Phlebotomy as an Alternative Therapy

26 March 2014,

Have you heard of Therapeutic Phlebotomy?

People of varying age groups have now started experimenting and exploring therapies and treatments other than the conventional treatment methods practiced by doctors. One reason of finding other therapeutic solutions is to protect the human body from harmful side effects that occur after conventional treatments. Some of the extreme treatments such as chemotherapy have lasting impressions on the human body that continue and may pass to off springs as well.

From complementary, alternative and integrative healing therapies that are now being widely practiced, one of the highly acclaimed ones is therapeutic phlebotomy phlebotomy. The increased awareness has also lead to more number of people learning about phlebotomy, to find classes that train and produce excellent phlebotomists, check out these phlebotomy schools. Outlined below are a few benefits that can be availed by choosing this alternative treatment method-

Blood Abnormalities Treated Proactively

Phlebotomy is a process where excess blood is removed from the body from selective pressure points that is known to collect toxic or harmful blood. It is done by pricking a few needles and cupping out any bad blood. The benefit of this treatment is, it avoids many blood abnormalities before even its occurrence. For instance, if the blood reports indicate high level of iron which leads to hemochromatosis, the occurrence can be avoided by phlebotomy. This even applies for avoiding a blood abnormality called polycythemia which results due to excess red blood cell production.

Balances Blood Iron Level

Apart from the treatment of blood abnormalities, the balancing of iron levels in blood through phlebotomy successfully prevents the happening of many diseases that occur due to high iron level. For example, fatigue or stress can be controlled with balancing iron in the body and even boost up physical energy by healing any weakness symptoms. Phlebotomy even prevents heart failure or heart health diseases in the long run. Studies have also indicated that phlebotomy has contributed positively to the smooth functioning of liver, pancreas and reproductive organs.

Removal of Harmful Toxins

The beauty of alternative therapy is that it prevents many diseases from happening even before its roots start spreading in the body and strong treatments are needed for cure. One important role played by phlebotomy is the removal of harmful toxins from the body, which can even be called detoxification of the blood. When the blood is detoxified, excess lipids and crystals are also removed resulting in a fresh and healthier blood production and avoidance of many diseases recurring in the body due to harmful toxins.

Treatment for Hypertension

Alternative therapy and specifically phlebotomy is also quite famous for its treatment of hypertension. It is known to control blood pressure and remove bad cholesterol from the body that leads to a whole array of extensive diseases and health problems in the long term.

Several research and developmental studies have bought this and other alternative therapies in the limelight which has not only increased people who want to adopt this method of therapy, but also those who want to become professionals in the field due to multifarious benefits of the therapy and its increased demand. To quickly become a phlebotomist and gain expertise in the field, click here.

25 March 2014

Pros and Cons of Food Dehydrator

25 March 2014,

shutterstock_127217372Preserving fruits, vegetables, and pretty much any food is something that most household consider. Not only does it solve the problem of throwing away excess food but it’s also a great way to experiment with food. The main idea of dehydrating food is to remove its water that disables the growth of bacteria and enzymes. Because of this, you get to keep nutritious food for a longer period of time without eliminating its nutrients. In terms of finding the best food dehydrator, http://www.dehydratorreviewsguide.com is one of the ideal sites to check. It provides comprehensive information about different dehydrators and everything in between. But if you’re confused whether or not to purchase one, here are a few pros and cons of this kitchen appliance.

Pros: better-tasting fruits

One of the great advantages of food dehydrators is that they make fruits seem taste sweeter. The magic here is that such kitchen appliance intensifies the sugar in the fruits giving our tongue the initial impression that it tastes sweeter. But until your add sugar to the fruits and vegetables, that’s the only time it would actually taste sweeter. If you wish to practice using your new food dehydrator, fruits are also the best food group to start with. Apples, pears, peaches and berries especially strawberries make great choices.

Cons: processing time

If you think dehydrating food is easy, better think again. You best move is to find a reliable resource like http://www.dehydratorreviewsguide.com/ to find the best dehydrator for jerky. Aside from practice, you should still know that this requires ample time. Fresh foods are considered active and alive which means there are enzymes in them that react towards many factors like air if not handled well. If you want to maintain great-tasting fruits and vegetables, you should consider dehydrating them immediately.

Pros: convenient and healthy

In terms of healthy snacks, nothing beats the power of dehydrated foods. From fruits to meat, all these wont fail you in terms of feeding the kids. They’re also easier to travel with, in case you’re planning to take a family trip but don’t want to be bothered with the food. When you want to go camping or fishing or any other outdoor activities, dehydrated foods come in very handy. Moreover, it doesn’t erase the nutrition in the food which is simply perfect; aside from the minor adjustments to vitamins A and C.

Cons: new appearance and taste

If you’re not used to eating dried food, the appearance and taste might be a concern. For example, the appearance of a beef jerky may not look very appealing especially if the preparation is not yet done. But since you’re the one who is preparing the meal, it may take extra efforts to adjust to its appearance. There are also taste alterations you will have to deal with. Unlike dehydrated fruits that still taste good if not better, veggies and meat are on another path. You should also take note the home-dried food taste a lot different than those you might be purchasing in grocery stores.

24 March 2014

How Switching to Organic Electronic Cigarettes May Improve a Smoker’s Health

24 March 2014,

You may have heard of the recent electronic cigarette craze sweeping the world, but don’t know what to think of it. Hordes of smokers are switching over to ecigs in droves to find a breath of fresh air, and healthy people who may be trying to kick their smoking habit have found solace in this new invention. But does the idea of vaporizing chemicals make anybody else uneasy? It certainly did for me. I’ve heard of some strange ingredients being found in certain e-cigarettes, but I’m convinced that the benefits outweigh the potential risks. That’s why I was so excited when my sister’s friend said she had found a high quality organic electronic cigarette brand – I could finally recommend a healthier solution to smokers.

E-cigarettes will improve your breathing, sense of taste, and sense of smell. A friend says she can finally breathe again, and feels much better when going for a run or bike ride. Once a cigarette smoker, she now smokes electronic cigarettes exclusively and has seen dramatic improvements in her health and how she feels from day to day. Switching to organic e-cigs is a no brainer, she says, because of the money she saves, health improvements, and the knowledge that you aren’t inhaling 3,000 chemicals that are found in conventional tobacco cigarettes. A vegetable glycerine based, low-nicotine solution is all she needs now to get the job done and continue living life as a healthy and free individual.

It’s always comforting to know everything inside a product you intend to consume, which is why this company is so great. Their organic e-liquids contain only four all-natural ingredients and come in glass bottles to make sure the contents stay fresh and pure. Something that makes many people wary about e-cigarettes is the use of propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is an artificial sweetener found in many food products, but it is also found in nasty substances like antifreeze which makes some people wary of vaporizing and inhaling it. For this reason many health conscious consumers will want to choose a liquid that has a vegetable glycerine base instead. Vegetable glycerine is a type of liquid sugar derived from plant fibers and is a naturally occurring substance. There are many e-cigarette manufacturers that use vegetable glycerine as a base including Ippuku.

The e-cigarette juice also makes it easier to wean yourself off your nicotine cravings. The liquids come in a range of nicotine strengths, allowing you to choose how much you need and then slowly tapering off to lower doses. There are many people who have not only kicked their cigarette smoking habit, but managed to reduce their nicotine intake down to little or none. Another benefit my friends have told me about is the money saving. After making the initial purchase, you start to save money immediately. This is because the economical nature of using liquid compared to cigarettes cuts down on the price per puff. A bottle of liquid, which costs around thirteen dollars, is equivalent to five packs of cigarettes. You can see the cost saving benefits right away when you make the switch.

19 March 2014

My 3 Most Used Energy Hacks

19 March 2014,

Energy drinks. Coffee. Meditation. Tea. Stretching. Pushups. Talking to myself in the mirror.

I’ve tried everything to figure what was the best pick me up.

Here’s what I’ve found.

Green tea every morning

Believe it or not, I used to drink a Monster energy drink every morning. I actually really like the taste of energy drinks, but family and friends grew concerned when I told them this. “Those are so bad for you!” they’d say. I would always say that there isn’t any evidence of that, but it was the same argument every time.

After two straight years of having one every morning, my body began to feel different. If I didn’t have once soon after I woke up, I would get extreme headaches and later in the day, my body would be a bit achy and jittery as if I needed another one to keep me going. I decided to try and switch to coffee to see how that would affect me instead. It was a hard switch since I liked to be able to just pick out a can from my fridge in the morning.

I switched to iced coffee from Starbucks with no sweetener and just a little bit of half and half. After about a week, I completely forgot about energy drinks. It was easy to switch from and provided enough oomph to not give me any headaches. I really liked how coffee didn’t really affect my body the same energy drinks did – no more jittery or aching feelings in the late afternoon.

The problem with coffee is that I didn’t like how it made my breath smell, stained my teeth, and made my stomach upset to the point where I would have to furiously use the bathroom every afternoon.

It didn’t take as long for me to switch from coffee to tea. Although it involved the most effort to prepare, I found drinking green tea in the morning (yes it has caffeine) to be the ultimate pick me up. Light, warm, and tasty.

I have been drinking tea every morning for the past 5 years now and because tea is good for you, I also get excited for afternoon tea as well. I really can’t say anything bad about tea, although some people will think the taste is too bland, but it’s easy to get used to.

Massage therapy every month

I didn’t know there was a thing called “massage therapy” and I just thought all massages are the same. Typically, you go to a massage to relax your muscles and body, which feels great, but could be harmful to your productivity and energy levels.

Then, I learned about massage therapy from an old friend, Dr. Vasili Gatsinaris who is a chiropractor in Orange County, California and owner of Next Level Wellness. Massage therapy is a science of massage that reinvigorates your muscles to unleashes untapped energy into your body. Massage therapists use exclusive massage techniques to ensure your problem areas don’t hold back or disrupt your natural flow of energy within your body. Instead of feeling relaxed after a massage, you feel reinvigorated! Now, I made this a monthly habit and it has paid off big time!

Physical exercise everyday

Everyday?! Yes! Each day of my week, I force myself to do at least 30 minutes to one hour of exercise. Three to four days a week I will do hardcore physical exercise at the gym for an hour and on my off days, I do less strenuous exercise that also gives me a chance to do other fun activities such as hiking.

I love hiking because it provides physical exercise, a chance to think about the week or ponder any thoughts that have been in my head, and allow me the chance to see beautiful scenery. There are many hiking places all over the world including ones where you live. Even if you live in a city, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a hiking spot that’s close to your home, well unless you live in Tokyo.

I think it’s important to save a part of every day for physical exercise because science has proven that exercise not only gives you more energy throughout your day, but it also leads to a happier life. Alternative exercise activities include swimming, bicycling, running, skiing, etc. As long as you stay active everyday, you will begin to see the benefits of daily physical exercise in your energy levels.

Those are my three tips that I use the most to increase my energy levels. What have you incorporated in your life to keep your energy high?

14 March 2014

Cancer-Related Beauty Product Ingredients

14 March 2014,

ingredientsCancer is known to be one of the most deadly health conditions one could ever have. While there are now many treatments for cancer, it’s still imperative that you detect it at an early stage or else you’ll end up with limited options to get cured. What’s more alarming with cancer is that it can also be caused by products that we use every day; specifically beauty products. This takes place through the ingredients that such products include. So the next time you shop for makeup, lotion and any other products for your fair, hair and skin, its best to be cautious than be sorry. Here’s a shortlist of ingredients included in various products that are linked to cancer.

DEA or diethanolamine

This ingredient is usually present in foamy products like moisturizer and shampoo. Sometimes, it’s also found in hair moose. There are mainly two types of DEA that we choice avoid – the cocamide DEA and the lauraimde DEA. These have been detailed studies going on for quite some time now and these chemicals are said to be cancer-causing ingredients. This means if you want the best curling iron or anything that sheds light on hair issues, steer away from unsafe moose. Just check products that you’re sure of, probably those that have positive reviews and recommendations. Same goes to other products with DEA like lotions and moisturizers. This chemical is said to show precancerous alterations and it may also cause liver cancer.

Coal tar dyes

There are many types of hair color or hair dye but many of them contain coal tar-derived dyes. Experts say that whether this is produced synthetically or from natural coal tar, it can still cause cancer. The US National Cancer Institute said that coal tar dyes can cause different types of cancer although the link between the two remains unclear. There were also research and studies performed that resulted to something very alarming. According to health experts, too much exposure to products with coal tar dyes has higher risk of acquiring non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or commonly referred to as cancer of the lymph system. Aside from hair dye, there are also other curling products that are chemical-based and can cause hazardous effects. Instead of spending too much online for the best curling iron for thick hair check out Woo-Curls for the best products or check the supermarkets for better product check-up.

Chemical sunscreens

While sunscreens are used to protect us from the sun and from getting a bit tan, there are many sunscreen products which can be harmful. If you saw a product that contains palmitate, octyl methoxycinnamate and/pr oxybenzone, you might want to check for more products for such products promote cancer and dot really protect our skin. This general ingredient term is also now being linked to breast cancer as well as eczema. It’s undeniable that most beauty products which include this material help your skin glow and your hair stronger. However, time will come that her skin is far from skinny, mainly because she didn’t check what she was using. This can be avoided if you know how to pick the proper ingredients.

12 March 2014

Dealing with Fraudulent Alternative Medicine Practitioners

12 March 2014,

Alternative medicine has certainly come a long way. Although it was once considered ineffective by mainstream medical practitioners, it has been gaining more acceptance in the scientific community over the past few years. Although some alternative therapies really are ineffective, many of them have been validated to be effective by researchers. Due to the increasing acceptance of many alternative therapies, more and more people are undergoing them in conjunction with conventional therapies. What’s amazing is that those who receive both natural treatments and conventional treatments report a higher quality of life compared to those who only receive conventional treatments. This really goes to show that alternative medicine really has a place in virtually every treatment regimen. However, despite, the fact that most alternative therapies are efficient, not everyone who claims to be an alternative medicine practitioner is well trained. Many people have received treatment from these fraudulent therapists, and this has often resulted in the exacerbation of their condition. Should such a thing happen to anyone, the best thing they can do is to get help from one of the many Whitby personal injury law firms out there.

If you didn’t know, professional injury lawyers can also help people who were victimized by fraudulent alternative medicine practitioners. Although many alternative medicine practitioners aren’t don’t have to have a “license” in the traditional sense of the word, those who practice alternative medicine are also obligated to do their job without causing further harm to their patients. For this reason, fraudulent therapists who aren’t really good at what they do can be held liable for causing further injury to their patients. And the good news is that through the help of a personal injury lawyer, any person can receive maximum compensation for the hurt they suffered.

A personal injury lawyer can help victims of fraudulent alternative medicine practitioners by pushing them to give their victim rightful compensation for the injuries they suffered. Personal injury lawyers can go about this in two ways. One way is by making a settlement with the at-fault party. This is usually what happens when you get help from a personal injury lawyer; most at-fault parties are more than willing to settle out of court. However, with some people, a personal injury lawyer may have to go to trial. This happens when the at-fault party is reluctant to admit their fault and is adamant in not giving any form of compensation to their victim. Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that you are going to get the compensation you deserve if the injury you suffered resulted from your therapist’s careless mistake.

Hopefully, what I have written here will prove helpful to those who are planning to include alternative medical therapies as part of their treatment regimen. Undergoing such therapies can significantly improve your health, but you have to remember that there are many fraudulent therapists out there who actually do more harm than good to their patients. Hopefully, you’ll be able to avoid them. If not, then you can rest assured that you can always get help from a personal injury lawyer.

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